Alize Global “your global film supplier” with over 20 years experience, dedicated to deliver high quality and solution orientated customer service to its customers at all times.

Our portfolio of flexible packaging films includes but not limited to BOPP, CPP, PE, PET, BOPA, multilayer barrier films and coated films which produced by state of the art global manufacturers under international regulations with high performance and superior quality.


  • BOPP and CPP Films

Alize Global is providing BOPP and CPP films from POLIBAK in USA and Canada.

Polibak is one of the leading BOPP film manufacturers which has a production capacity of 130.000 tons of BOPP, 25.000 tons of Metallized BOPP and 3,000 tons CPP films. Alize Global provides the following BOPP films manufactured by Polibak;

  1. Heatsealable BOPP Films
  2. Plain (non-heatsealable) BOPP Films
  3. Matt BOPP Films
  4. Metallized BOPP Films
  5. White-opaque BOPP Films
  • PE Films

Alize Global is providing PE films from BAREKS in USA and Canada.

Bareks is one of the biggest and state of the art PE film manufacturers in Europe. Bareks produces custom designed multi-layer Polyethylene films, whose thickness range between 20 microns and 200 microns, for printing and lamination with the capacity of 44,000 tons per year. Alize Global provides the following PE films manufactured by Bareks;

  1. Multi-purpose application PE film
  2. Pet food application PE film
  3. Frozenfood application PE film
  4. Peelable PE films
  5. Lidding PE films
  6. Easy Tear application PE films
  7. Sanitary and hygiene application PE film
  8. Cereal application PE film
  9. Color pigmented PE films
  • PET Films

Alize Global is the sole distributor of GARWARE in USA and Canada.   GarwarePoly

Garware is one of the first PET film manufacturers in the world. Garware has four manufacturing plants for Polyester Film and manufactures film of thickness ranging from 10 micron to 350 micron. Garware possesses Patented Technology for Dyed Polyester Film in India and USA and is the Second Company to the none possessing such Technology. Garware is the only one of its kind to manufacture its own raw material that is Polyester Chips to manufacture PET films. Alize Global provides the following PE films manufactured by Garware;

  1. Corona treated PET Films
  2. Chemically treated PET Films
  3. Metallized PET Films
  4. Heatsealable PET Films
  5. Lidding Films
  6. Release Liner Films
  7. Electronic & Electrical Films

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