Alize Global offers following PET, PE and BOPP label films;

  • PET Shrink Films

Alize Global is the sole distributor of GARWARE in USA and Canada.   GarwarePoly

Garware is one of the first PET film manufacturers in the world and recently focused on the shrink PET films for body sleeve application.

Alize Global provides following PET shrink films manufactured by Garware;

  1. High Shrink PET Film
  2. High Shrink LSF (Low Shrink Force) PET Film
  3. Medium Shrink PET Film
  4. White opaque Shrink Film
  5. Eco Shrink PET Film
  • PE Shrink Films

Alize Global is providing PE films from BAREKS in USA and Canada.

Bareks is one of the biggest and state of the art PE film manufacturers in Europe and provides bundling shrink PE film.

  • BOPP Label Films

Alize Global is providing BOPP and CPP films from POLIBAK in USA and Canada.

Polibak is one of the leading BOPP film manufacturers which has a production capacity of 130.000 tons of BOPP, 25.000 tons of Metallized BOPP. Alize Global provides following BOPP label films manufactured by Polibak;

  1. In-Mold Label Films
  2. Pressure Sensitive Label Films
  3. Wrap Around Label Films
  4. Release Liner Films

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